I'm engaged in photography since 2015. I studied photo art at the University of Michigan (online programm), and attended masterclasses on food photography and styling (including those of S.Martyahin and A.Slyadnev).

My long years experience as a chef helps me to show on the photo the most beneficial side of any product. Even if you do not know what exactly you want to see in the end, I will help you in your choice.

I love different creative techniques and projects, I am always ready to try shooting in a new style. But the closest mood for me is the calm minimalism, light colors, abundance of air in the frame.

I use Sony a7, 90 mm F2.8 Macro with natural and artificial light in my studio. My experience and inspiration will help you to create photos of your dishes or products for advertising, books, magazines, etc. If necessary, I can help to develop your corporate style or marketing of your product.