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As a photographer and food stylist I help with a photo session of products or food that you can use for the benefit of business or to make project look more attractive. For books, magazines, advertisements or for smm. My photography incites and motivates your clients to buy your product, their appetite flared up even if they have just eaten at home.

Сollaboration as stylist and photographer: Koya, Tex-Mex, BhajanCafe, Diplomats, V-ego, Bollire, Latvijas Maiznieks, Solo Ravioli, Ummlyfood, Austra chokolate, InCampagna, Veg-set, VeggieGo,, JuJuBe Confections.

Сollaboration as an influencer: Jura, Blendtec, Lidl, Globus, Splat, Gastonluga, Liepkalns, Griski, Rezeknes galas kombināts, Smalkais muslis, Dailyspoon, Nemoloko, Greenwise, Pobeda, Yelli,,